My Geraniums

It's not just about the plants!



This blog is about my journey to re-build my collection of pelargoniums that was destroyed in 2017.  It will also provide information about the various varieties and growing tips and tricks.

My Sticks are growing!

My Sticks are growing!

--They are not really sticks – some of my friends refer to them as ‘sticks’ – they do look a little like sticks. In this case if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is not a duck.  They are beautiful pelargoniums – at least they will be in a few months...

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Welcome to my blog!

As any gardener will tell you – it is more than just about the plants.

Many of us find a lot of ourselves in the garden. 

Time spent in the garden gives us peace and time for reflection and a chance to let go of the stresses Life brings.

When I lost my collection of pelargoniums (or as many refer to them – geraniums), I didn’t realize what a big part of my life this aspect of my garden was.  I have only just started to reclaim it.  

So I’ve started this blog, not only to share my journey to a new collection, but to also share information about these wonderful and often unappreciated and undervalued plants. 

There will information on various varieties that I have, have had, want to have and hope to have.  There will also be information on how to grow them, take cuttings, even how to try your hand at growing your own new variety.

And hopefully my readers will share their own experiences, insights and tips as well.