Millford Rose Pelargonium

What is there not to like about any of the rosettes – small dainty rose like blooms that are so unexpected when one thinks of pelargoniums or geraniums.

This one looks very much like small sweetheart rosebuds. And for some reason, I imagine debutants in white gowns and cotillions.  I have never experienced these but nevertheless, this is what my imagination conjures up when I see these delicate pale pink blooms.




August 18, 2019

The cutting I was given suffered an unimaginable disaster shortly after it was planted.  The tray of cuttings containing this gem was on a bench under the apple tree enjoying some warmth and dappled sunshine when a large apple fell from the tree and shattered the entire plant!

I hadn’t even had a chance to photograph the original cutting.

I immediately planted up the remaining bits as best I could even though I felt it was pretty much hopeless.

What I had left was a stem with one leaf.  The photo from August 18th is pretty hard to see what was left.  The following photo shows just how optimistic I was.

September 16, 2019

Surprise!!!!!!   A month later (September 16th), I saw a bit of green at the junction where the leaf and stem met.  I was being so optimistic that when I showed this to a friend, she wondered out loud that it just might be a bit of green stained pumice .  You can see other green bits in the surrounding soil.

My fingers were crossed, prayers were said, promises to the gardening gods were made.



 September 30, 2019

Look at it about two weeks later!!!  Is this is not a sight to make you feel all warm and fuzzy?  I even forgave my friend for her skepticism after I showed her this (and gloated a bit – I’m only human after all).

The plant looks fairly well established now, but I will continue to give it special attention and care.

 With the colder weather coming, it will be a bit of challenge to ensure all my cuttings stay safe.  I’ll be facing an additional challenge – we will be move to a new house at the end of January, 2020.


November 3, 2019

  A month later and Millford Rose has recovered from the apple disaster!

The plant is looking strong and happy.

One big hurtle coming up – the move to a new house.  Since we haven’t found a new home yet, I just don’t know what we will be faced with. 

So prayers continue to be made, bribes offered to the gardening spirits and fingers and toes crossed!